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Rino Tullis Srl is a dynamic, forward-looking company thanks to the great experience gained since 1965 in the field of design and manufacture of compaction presses and lifting platforms. It maintains the family tradition with an artisanal spirit that focuses on the high quality of the products made, with a view to good value for money, but without compromising on reliability and durability.

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Family passion

Passion and family warmth represent the best tradition of Rino Tullis Srl. The business started by Rino Tullis in the early 1960s is now under the direction of his daughter Paola Tullis, who is its future-oriented element of innovation and growth.


100% Made in Italy

The quality and reliability of the production of Rino Tullis Srl are guaranteed by a determining factor that characterizes the entire range of its products: the fact that they are 100% Italian products. In design, in components, in assembly.

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Expertly constructed solutions.

An investment tailored to your specific needs.
Customized by size,
Compaction capacity and color.
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Our customers are the best references

As an entrepreneur, I always choose companies that can trigger trust based on a security labor. I have thoroughly studied Tullis' products compared to other competitors offer experience, quality, and service throughout the country.

Fabio Rinaldi ISE Ecology

We chose, after having the first meeting to introduce ourselves and explain our issues, to Your expertise, professionalism and cooperation in solving our problems. Cordial greetings And I hope I have been helpful

Maximum Miraplastick

I chose Tullis because they produce high quality presses that I found superior to the others I viewed mainly because at first glance they seemed very durable. Another reason is that the construction For my case it was almost tailored based on what you said. And then your helpfulness and friendliness I found them unique.

Fausto Immi

I chose Tullis because of the proposals you were always able to make to me compatible with my needs! Without underestimating the very competitive prices Not the least of which is the relationship you know how to establish with customers.

Andrea De Biasi Autodemolizione De Biasi

We chose the Rino Tullis reality because we trusted the brand already in the company to many years of experience, reliability on products even if they are dated, and personally because it has given me a lot of trust to find a helpful person who is strongly passionate about his work and super helpful even After the sale of the product. A good customer can't ask for anything better!!!

Gustavo Mainetti Bags

I can say that the choice on Vs Rino Tullis products was made for a number of reasons: We always got along well with the "older" product and decided to continue with the same brand Consequently, it means quality and durability For Paola's personality For the proximity of our societies

Ulysses Bonato

Good morning We were looking for presses with certain characteristics: delivery, robustness, reliability, safety and cost-effective, characteristics we found in the Rino Tullis Society. Sincerely.

Graziano - Ramina Ltd.

We chose Rino Tullis because of the quality of their machinery!!! Above all, for the professionalism they have us to their customers ... which is rare in this day and age.

Andrea Casalina Autodemolition

I could say that Tullis is distinguished by: - courtesy and helpfulness of the "commercial" - Product reliability, efficiency and durability - good value for money

Eng. Visentin Lake furniture

We chose Tullis because needs change over the years but service is quality ❤ does not change.

James Vastalpine

We chose you for product quality, competitive price and reliable service

Charles Rieco

The presses and lifting systems purchased by Rino Tullis have improved the working conditions of the my employees in terms of health and safety. And that is what I would like to emphasize...the fact that. their approach is not only aimed at the economic aspect but starts from the joint research between them and the our reality to find an optimal solution.

Alberto Paper Cutting Center

Hi Paola T=total U=uniqueness L=freedom I=innovation S=solidity practically Tullis quality assurance and professionalism with people embracing the world at the center.

Roberto Rebesco CEA desing

And I chose Tullis because I have confidence in the team made up of women. Seriousness, accuracy and thoroughness And because I'm also a big believer in gender equality, in fact my company is getting certified

Campagnolo Edilflor

Making a cool and authoritative press, an industrial furnishing accessory is only by working with passion and expertise that it can be achieved. Every detail is designed not to please but to make the machine safe and efficient, but as if by magic, the design benefits and makes the press an artistic presence. I am satisfied with the purchase, I gave five real stars. Available for my fellow Tuscans to see and try.

Massimo Grillini

Historical company, efficient and durable machines, exemplary after-sales service and support. Rino Tullis--a company....a guarantee!...

Paolo D'Addario

Serious and professional company. Also noteworthy is the prompt and professional customer service.

Andrea De Biasi

Incredibly powerful press. A great solution for compacting cartons

Alberto Zonta

Always very professional and efficient, a guarantee

Bizzotto Silvia (Comauto)

Solid, high-performance and reliable machines. But not only that; because at Rino Tullis you can breathe passion and hard work, determination and team spirit!

Leonardo Basso