40120 SERIES

The 40120 Series is the largest range in size. Made with 1 or 2 pressing pistons, it is available in versions from 40 to 120 tons of thrust, with compaction chamber of various sizes.

Such models produce packages weighing between 500 and 1100 kg. The press can be fed manually directly from the front loading mouth or continuously via loading hopper with the help of forklift equipped with grippers, conveyor belt, vacuum system or spider.


through the reduction of materials, transportation costs, and personnel to be used for its use. Business profits through recycling of processing and/or production waste.


in the use of the entire range, thanks to switchboards with indicator lights, visual indicators, and safety microswitches.


of the machines, carried out by Rino Tullis directly at the Client’s premises during placement. A complete installation that also includes demonstration of operation and training of personnel who will use it.

Technical Characteristics: