Miningombro XU Series platforms, available with the loading surface made in a U-shape, are suitable for pallet truck entry allowing pallets/banks to be deposited or lifted with ease.

Structure with a closed footprint of 80 mm, is a model made with two side support bases that allow easy entry of the forks of both manual and electric pallet trucks.

Without the constraint of making a pit and recessing the platform flush with the floor, the XU Series model allows the operator to use a workstation at height at all times.

Valuable equipment in quality control and component assembly, suitable for exploitation in all commodity sectors.

It ensures increased productivity while respecting the most favorable ergonomic conditions for the user by increasing work safety.


  • Smooth sheet metal loading surface.
  • Top structure with two side arms and inner space for inserting pallet truck forks.
  • Allowable loads: pallet placement with evenly distributed material.
  • Cycles allowed: 70 daily cycles spread over 8 hours.
  • No. 02 single-acting lifting cylinders.
  • Push-button control by man-present.
  • External hydraulic power unit.

Technical Characteristics: