Among the equipment suitable for handling, made with the goal of enabling operators to work safely, Rino Tullis also offers tilters.

The tilter, consisting of a smooth side and a side with a V-shaped saddle for coil centering, is a piece of equipment that allows 90° tilting of coils and/or coils.

The load is deposited on the platform using a forklift or overhead crane.

The platform performs a 90° motorized tilting by the hand control.

The operator moves the outward and return of the platform freely, at constant speed, with a deadman control equipped with three buttons: tilt, return, emergency stop.

The operator’s maneuvers are performed in perfect safety, thanks to the anti-crushing perimeter and the application of the non-return valve that controls the going/returning speed of the platform.

Equipment with considerable reliability, suitable for tipping loads ranging from 1,500 to 14,000 kg, allows up to 40 cycles/day, thus meeting most handling needs of multiple commodity sectors.


Technical Characteristics: