The platforms of the Normalized Series available, in more than 200 versions, by platform size and lifting capacity from 500 to 7000 kg. are made with technical peculiarities according to specific handling requirements.

Equipment with the utmost versatility, suitable for inclusion in all product sectors, is an excellent solution to the problems of lifting: sheet metal packs, paper coils, automatic line feeding, packaging lines, machinery feeding, workbench use, pallet positioning and rapid overcoming of height differences.

Multifunctional equipment, due to its multiplicity of uses, increases safety in companies, respecting the most favorable ergonomic conditions for the user, increasing productivity and efficiency.


  • Loading surface made of smooth or embossed sheet metal.
  • Strengthened top structure with more than 200 combinations of dimensions between length and width.
  • Allowable loads: partially distributed material placement.
  • Cycles allowed: 70 daily cycles spread over 8 hours.
  • Available with bearing version for high number of lifting cycles.
  • Single-acting lifting cylinders.
  • Push-button control by man-present.
  • Internal and/or external hydraulic power unit available with always-rotating motor version.

Technical Characteristics: