To support the major information campaign
of Comieco on #differentiated collection and recycling of paper and cardboard, we have increased the availability of prompt delivery.

Our Customers are engaged in virtuous behaviors devoted to #recycling and we with them !

Limiting waste of scraps has become very important and thanks to #RinoTullis vertical compactors, it is guaranteed that #packaging scraps can be recycled and reused by limiting waste, optimizing #logistics, transportation and disposal costs.

#PaperWeek2022 find out how to breathe new life into #paper and #cardboard


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Promotion valid while lot available.

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Expertly constructed solutions.

Customer needs analysis

By acquiring client processes, challenges in disposal and space optimization emerge.

Searching for a solution

The RinoTullis range identifies many customer challenges. Goal: To offer the right machine, a worthwhile investment.

Customization of solutions

Our team of experts in various fields makes it possible to accurately customize machines, with modifications upon specific request.

Recovery and repair

Consistent with our values, before designing new solutions to replace dated or malfunctioning machinery, we take care of repairing your RinoTullis product.