Since the 1970s, Zoccagarden has been the benchmark for gardening with over 10,000 square meters of exhibition space



This center came into being thanks to the passion and hard, serious work of Aldo Zocca, who went into business for himself in the 1970s after working for a long time in a nursery business. Today, Zoccagarden offers a rich assortment of plants, tools, seeds, fertilizers, garden furniture, household items, classes for enthusiasts and educational experiences to educate children about contact with nature.

Flowers and plants for all tastes

Zoccagarden offers, within its more than 10,000 square meters of exhibition space, a rich assortment of plants, flowers, shrubs, vegetable garden seedlings and arrangements to match with pots of a thousand variations. In addition, qualified staff will recommend aesthetic and original solutions for those who want to transform their garden, terrace, balcony or windowsill into a green corner to enjoy.

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Educational Farm

Zoccagarden educational farm
was established to provide educational experiences especially for children, allowing them to come into direct contact with the agricultural and rural world and observe animals in a direct way.

Zoccagarden Fattoria Didattica


Zoccagarden is particularly concerned with environmental sustainability because it believes that we are only guests in this world; therefore, it is committed to preserving it for future generations! Therefore, he worked to be able to create a Sustainable Garden by including a flow/backflow system, a reservoir, and a bio-mass boiler.

Zoccagarden Sostenibilita


Responsible waste management

Zoccagarden is environmentally conscious and believes in the importance of responsible waste management. Let’s find out the top 8 reasons why he chose to create moveable waste material compact packaging:

1.Reduced disposal costs: By compressing waste into smaller packages, the costs associated with waste disposal are reduced.

2.Improved waste management: Facilitates the management and control of waste produced on the farm, enabling better organization and more precise monitoring of the volumes generated.

3.Space saving: By packing waste more compactly, space is saved in the storage area, making more efficient use of available space.

Zoccagarden pressa RinoTullis

4.Environmental Impact Reduction: Compressing waste reduces the overall environmental impact by taking up less space at disposal sites and reducing emissions associated with transportation.

5.Promoting sustainability: Demonstrating a commitment to sustainability through more efficient waste management practices can enhance corporate image and attract environmentally sensitive customers.

6.Regulatory compliance: Adopting efficient waste management practices can help the company comply with local and national environmental regulations.

7.Improved workplace safety: By reducing the volume of waste and organizing it in smaller packages, workplace safety can be improved, reducing the risk of accidents or injuries.

8.Opportunities for recycling and reuse: Separating different types of materials and compressing them into separate packaging facilitates the process of recycling and reuse of materials, contributing to a more sustainable supply chain.


Zoccagarden Intervista Maurzo Zocca

Good morning, would you like to introduce yourself?
Good morning, I am Mauro Zocca, one of the partners as well as Administrator of Zoccagarden.

How did you get to know the reality and presses of Rino Tullis?
Forty years ago, we saw an advertisement on TV that struck us. Many years later, we needed to make packaging waste management more efficient and purchased the first Rino Tullis press.

Why did you choose Rino Tullis?
It has inspired us with confidence, and above all, it is a reality in our area.

How did you get along with the Rino Tullis press?
Very good! Previously, packaging and cartons were taken away in bulk. Now, thanks to this press, we have solved quite a few problems: simplifying labor, transportation and saving space in the Company.


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Customer needs analysis

By acquiring client processes, challenges in disposal and space optimization emerge.

Searching for a solution

The RinoTullis range identifies many customer challenges. Goal: To offer the right machine, a worthwhile investment.

Customization of solutions

Our team of experts in various fields makes it possible to accurately customize machines, with modifications upon specific request.

Recovery and repair

Consistent with our values, before designing new solutions to replace dated or malfunctioning machinery, we take care of repairing your RinoTullis product.