Who said that the world of mechanics must be RAL 6011? A touch of Tullis blue goes in every area. The mission at Tullis is to build, in addition to special models, high-quality standard machinery that can adapt to customers’ needs. Why not do it with a touch of color and thus give your workplace beauty and efficiency? In the photos you can see the new multicolor EMFs, ready to be shipped.

Since 1965, Rino Tullis Ltd. has never given up its artisan spirit. And that means proposing solutions, designing the right machine together with the customer. Elasticity in Tullis is a feature that has been able to combine quality and price, giving added value to the customer.

A value that you can touch because it reduces material volume and transportation costs, increases operator safety and company efficiency.

For each quality a color. And you, what color are you?

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Expertly constructed solutions.

Customer needs analysis

By acquiring client processes, challenges in disposal and space optimization emerge.

Searching for a solution

The RinoTullis range identifies many customer challenges. Goal: To offer the right machine, a worthwhile investment.

Customization of solutions

Our team of experts in various fields makes it possible to accurately customize machines, with modifications upon specific request.

Recovery and repair

Consistent with our values, before designing new solutions to replace dated or malfunctioning machinery, we take care of repairing your RinoTullis product.