Comauto Autodemolition is a solid entity that has been present in the area for more than 30 years. From 10, it relies on the efficiency and safety of RinoTullis presses to compact bumpers.


Array of machines to be demolished
Photos of Comauto Autodemolition

Comauto Autodemolition

Anyone who turns to Comauto is sure to find a trained, knowledgeable and helpful staff. People with whom you establish a human relationship based on esteem and trust that lasts over time. In addition to decidedly favorable prices, Comauto offers efficient service, comprehensive support including quality evaluation of components. A 360-degree service to meet every need that leads them to be a benchmark in the field of demolition and auto parts sales. A goal won with determination, renewed every day thanks to the many buyers who continue to trust Comauto’s professionalism.

demolished and compacted cars
Photos of Comauto Autodemolition


RinoTullis for Comauto Autodemolition

The care devoted to useful machinery to increase service efficiency, and the love of tidiness and cleanliness of the work area are the reasons why Comauto has chosen RinoTullis vertical compactors for 10 years. Thanks to these machines, the Company safely presses bumpers while managing to compact materials, reducing transportation and occupied space. Therefore, a choice that cares about people and the environment.

Today in Comauto we find a TR 40/2P-A vertical compactor that gives a touch of BluTullis color, in harmony with the work space.


Press that compacts bumpers in operation
Photos of Comauto Autodemolition


Demolishing bumpers safely

As everyone knows, the bumper is a part of the vehicle bodywork that helps prevent, limit or cushion the damage of a low-speed collision. They are therefore key elements in ensuring safety on the road.

However, not everyone knows that demolishing a bumper is not child’s play: only compliant machines and procedures can ensure safe workmanship for all operators. This is what we have learned in 10 years of experience together with Comauto Demolitions, which in fact continues to choose RinoTullis balers to compact bumpers precisely because of the safety that our compactors guarantee.

Watch the video to see the compaction process in real time by our TR 40/2P-A



Complete overhaul and revamping

The term revamping, from the English ”to revamp” or remodel, renovate, is used in industry to refer to the operation of refurbishing plants. The aim is to lengthen the life cycle of machinery within the manufacturing process. The benefits gained from revamping operations include: reduced maintenance costs; increased plant productivity; and personnel safety.

In 2018, Comauto Demolitions asked RinoTullis for a complete overhaul of their TR 40/2P-A baler, purchased in 2008. After restoring it to new, we opted for a cosmetic update, choosing to give it a new look thanks to a touch of #BluTullis.

COMAUTO TR402P A Revamping scaled
TR 40/2P-A press before and after revamping

COMAUTO Intervista Silvia scaled

Good morning, would you like to introduce yourself?
Of course! I am Silvia Rizzotto, legal representative of Comauto Autodemolizioni srl.

How long have you been using RinoTullis machines in your company?
I checked: we have been relying on your presses for 10 years.

…and how did you find yourselves?
Great! We use your press once/twice a week to compact bumpers. We are comfortable with it because it is an efficient and low-maintenance machine.

Besides efficiency, what do you like about this machine?
The fact that it is safe! Those in this trade know that demolishing bumpers can be dangerous. Therefore, we at Comauto rely only on ultra-safe machines to provide our operators with peace of mind.

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