The Del Conte company has been shaping chocolate since 1950. For 10 years, it has relied on RinoTullis presses for responsible waste management.


Del Conte Chocolates

Del Conte chocolate

For more than 60 years, passion and intuition have guided theDel Conte Company in shaping chocolate and the journey in search of taste.

Each product is born from a careful selection of elements, an adventure that begins with the selection of the highest quality cocoa beans and beans. Attention to raw materials, but also imagination, curiosity and continuous search for the finest ingredients and combinations, so that each praline can always give those who savor it a moment of irresistible sweetness.

chocolate production
Del Conte chocolate production


RinoTullis for Del Conte Chocolate

The Del Conte Company is a flagship of the chocolate industry. To make his sweet creations, he uses the most innovative technologies, which are essential to measure up to an increasingly competitive market and in line with the latest trends.

Just as different flavors are expertly blended in chocolates, a perfect balance of passion, art and technology is created in the Company.


Vertical presses in a warehouse
Vertical compactors in the Del Conte Company


Accuracy, cleanliness and quality

Del Conte Company since 1950, carries on the family experience with great passion, but above all with attention to precision, cleanliness and quality. Not only of production areas, but also of storage areas.

Since 2022, it has been using Rino Tullis TR 12 CEM-A and TR 4 EASY-PN vertical compactors to create compact packaging of waste material and/or packaging.

Watch the video to see the compaction process by our TR 4 EASY-PN


Responsible waste management

The Del Conte Company knows the importance of responsible waste management in the chocolate industry. Let’s find out the top 8 reasons why he chose to Create compact packaging of movable waste material:

1.Reduced disposal costs: By compressing waste into smaller packages, the costs associated with waste disposal are reduced.

2.Improved waste management: Facilitates the management and control of waste produced on the farm, enabling better organization and more precise monitoring of the volumes generated.

3.Space saving: By packing waste more compactly, space is saved in the storage area, making more efficient use of available space.

Azienda Del Conte Presse Verticali Rino Tullis 3

4.Environmental Impact Reduction: Compressing waste reduces the overall environmental impact by taking up less space at disposal sites and reducing emissions associated with transportation.

5.Promoting sustainability: Demonstrating a commitment to sustainability through more efficient waste management practices can enhance corporate image and attract environmentally sensitive customers.

6.Regulatory compliance: Adopting efficient waste management practices can help the company comply with local and national environmental regulations.

7.Improved workplace safety: By reducing the volume of waste and organizing it in smaller packages, workplace safety can be improved, reducing the risk of accidents or injuries.

8.Opportunities for recycling and reuse: Separating different types of materials and compressing them into separate packaging facilitates the process of recycling and reuse of materials, contributing to a more sustainable supply chain.

Azienda Del Conte Presse Verticali Rino Tullis 4

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