Italy’s leading manufacturer of TNT masks and personal protective equipment, Ramedical offers the highest quality products 100% made in Italy

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Ramedical Ltd.

Ramedical specializes in the production of Medical Devices and Personal Protective Equipment, such as surgical masks, FFP2, disposable clothing.

In an extremely competitive global market, Ramedical wins thanks to its all-Italian way of doing things, through ideas and products that are unique in terms of their peculiarities, technical performance, and high level of quality and safety.

TNT personal protective equipment
Ramedical personal protective equipment


No one puts the Tullis presses in a corner!

Minimal, modern and-for those who want it-colorful, customers always appreciate the aesthetics of Rino Tullis vertical presses. They are designed with a compact design so that they do not steal space from rooms and can be placed in any corner. However, we often find with pleasure that our presses are placed in the center of the plants. this is the case with the TR 22 CEM-A press used by Ramedical for volumetric abatement of production and processing waste, with a view to the circular economy. The large loading mouth allows even the bulkiest materials to be handled with ease.


RinoTullis per Ramedical Srl

RinoTullis for Ramedical Ltd.

While TR 22 CEM-A, with its wide loading mouth, allows Ramedical to handle even the bulkiest materials with ease; the TR 4 EASY-PN, the most compact in the Tullis household, enables the handling of packaging waste. Sacks, bags, are compacted to save space and facilitate the recycling process.

Watch the video to see the compaction process by our TR 4 EASY-PN


Ramedical choose to add value

Ramedical, attentive to sustainability and people’s well-being, by purchasing the two presses chose to join two valuable Rino Tullis projects.

He customized the TR 22 CEM-A with the logo of the Sanfilippo Fighters APS Association and, through its purchase, supported “Project Relief,” which helps families of children with the severe Sanfilippo syndrome, which is still without a cure today.

Then he customized the TR 4 EASY-PN with a visual story by Fabio Vettori, to convey to all operators who will use it the values of sustainability that distinguish their approach.

RinoTullis per Ramedical Srl 2 scaled

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Expertly constructed solutions.

Customer needs analysis

By acquiring client processes, challenges in disposal and space optimization emerge.

Searching for a solution

The RinoTullis range identifies many customer challenges. Goal: To offer the right machine, a worthwhile investment.

Customization of solutions

Our team of experts in various fields makes it possible to accurately customize machines, with modifications upon specific request.

Recovery and repair

Consistent with our values, before designing new solutions to replace dated or malfunctioning machinery, we take care of repairing your RinoTullis product.